Comedian. Writer. Biped.

This was my first spot on Radio 4's The Now Show (Series 30; Episode 5). I decided to make it about the then-upcoming Digital Economy Bill.

My spot on The Now Show, broadcast 9th May 2014, just before the European Elections which, in a testimony to the power of radio comedy, were won by UKIP.

This was a show I co-wrote and co-presented with Rory Bremner, Andy Zaltzman and Kate O'Sullivan. This one's about the state of the economy (at a time when that was depressing in an exciting way, not just depressing in a depressing way). The guest, John Lanchester, is superb,

This is an old routine about Lucozade. Filmed at the Phoenix, London.

This was just after my first Edinburgh show. If I remember rightly, it'll mainly be about drinking.

From Bigipedia. All together, now: "Plinky! Plinky! The woodland sort of thing..."

Doctor Fleshbiter was a Bigipedia sketch we had to cut from broadcast because of horrific news from Oslo meant that it suddenly was in bad taste to put out such a dark sketch based in Norway. Incidentally, the inspiration for the idea is Icelandic and real. Check this out.