Comedian. Writer. Biped.

Here are a few of the 'facts' that have appeared about me on the internet.


"...born Nicholas Derek Jackson..."

"...has a large collection of ladies' hats..."

" inexplicably scared of spoons"

"...spending some time as a mercenary in Indochina..."

Let me once and for all put these untrue claims to rest.

My real name is not 'Nicholas Derek Jackson'; this is merely a phrase that, thanks to a post-hypnotic command that is beyond my control, causes me to turn around and hiss, "How did you know my real name?"

I do not collect ladies' hats. They are my hats. And if I did collect ladies' hats, my collection would not be 'large'. And if I did have a large collection of ladies' hats, then I assure you that I would certainly harbour no jealousy towards Conway Ludifer, who has the only larger collection in existence.

I am not scared of spoons; I am afraid of sporks and other non-fork tined cutlery. They are not natural. This is no more 'inexplicable' than being afraid of men with the heads of lions.

My time in Indochina is something I cannot discuss, except to say that a lot of exaggeration, invention, and creative licence were involved in the film based on the events: Predator.

With these myths, lies and calumnies set right, let's get onto the bio, which I will for now try to arrange in a Question and Answer format (omitting the questions for brevity).

The biography on this page is more reliable* than others on the Internet, since neither my friends nor my younger brother have access to it, unlike IMDB and Wikipedia, both of which they have successfully and amusingly vandalised many times.

*(from here downwards - if you're a journalist or a promoter and you've used the stuff above this line you've only got yourself to blame for lazily copying and pasting without reading it properly)


Here's some stuff you can use if you're a promoter, PR person or journalist and you prefer copying & pasting to writing your own words - or if you're someone who wants to print it off so you can have a Nick Doody bio of your own to keep at home, or give as a gift to someone you want to anger or baffle.


Nick Doody has been performing comedy since the 90s when, as a student, he got off to a pretty good start by supporting the legendary Bill Hicks, at Bill's request. A little later, Nick was a finalist in Channel 4's So You Think You're Funny? competition.

Since then he has performed all over the world: Ireland, France, Spain, Switzerland, Germany, The Netherlands, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Estonia... You get the idea. He was the first British comedian to perform in Croatia.

Nick has appeared on various radio and TV shows (listed below), and is also much in demand as a writer. He has penned jokes for Joan Rivers, Lenny Henry, Dame Edna Everage and an uncomfortable number of Mock The Week regulars. He was also the creator and head writer of Bigipedia, a critically acclaimed Radio 4 show that broadcast in 2009 and 2011. Click here for more info on Nick as a writer.

In 2006, Nick performed his first solo Edinburgh Festival show, Before He Kills Again. The show received rave reviews and sold out for the whole festival, leading to a run at the Soho Theatre. Since then, Nick has written and performed another six solo hours of stand-up, including the most honest title ever to appear on a poster, Look At This Massive Picture Of My Face.




APPEARANCES (for writing credits click here)



The Now Show

The News Quiz

Political Animal

60 Acts in 60 Minutes


The Personality Test

Clive Anderson's Chat Room



Bremner's One-Question Quiz

Radio 4 Extra Comedy Club

Skeptic Tank (unbroadcast pilot)



The Mark Thomas Comedy Product (Channel 4)

Comedy Map of Great Britain (BBC)

Edinburgh and Beyond (BBC)

The World Stands Up (Paramount & BBC America)

The Comic Side of Seven Days

The Most Annoying People of 2009 / 2010 (as a talking head, not as part of the list)



Before He Kills Again (2006) - also as a run at the Soho Theatre

Hypocrite (2007)

Tour of Doody (2008)

Schizo (2009)

Work In Progress: The Greatest Hits (2011)

Look At This Massive Picture Of My Face (2012)

Nick Doody vs The Debonair Assassin (2014)